Wire Conveyor Belts

Ladder Belt


Ladder Belt
Usually these belts are called Chocolate Conveyor belts whish are made by assembling the successively bent wires. 
1.The sprocket drive ensures positive and stable running.
2.The rotation diameter is small,so that smooth products transfer is ensured.
3.Easy washing is ensured.
4.Because of large open area,high air permeability and dehydration capacity are ensured. 

  • Order Particulars:

    a - pitch(the distance from the centre of cross rod to the centre of cross rod) ml - length of end eye
    b - rising(the distance from the center of spiral wire to the centre of spiral wire) l - number of cross bars per a pitch
    c - diameter of spiral wires or wire loop L - belt length
    d - diameter of cross rod S - belt width
    m - mesh(the distance between wires)