Wire Mesh Filters

Wire Mesh Filter Discs

We are experienced in manufacturing wire mesh filter discs, various apertures, materials and diameters, and they can all be customized.

Filter Discs Meet All Your Filter Requirement

Boegger offers excellent wire mesh filter discs of varied materials and sizes. Typical one is low carbon steel wire woven mesh punched into circular filter. The weaving method is plain, twill, or plain Dutch and twill Dutch. Also supply welded multi-layer pack filter used in rubber industry, plastic industry, oil industry and cereal sifter. Our high-speed cutting machines enable us to offer low prices on large and small quantities.

Main Products:

  • Woven wire mesh disc without frame/edge/brim

  • There are three pcs of the twilled filter discs on the blue ground.
    The wire diameter, mesh count and disc diameter of the twilled weave mesh can be customized.
    A hand is holding a piece of twilled weave mesh disc.
    Customer can also provide the filter rating they need, then we can recommend the suitable one.
    A piece of stainless steel mesh disc on the blue ground.
    Stainless steel mesh discs have bright surface and strong structure.
    A hand is holding a piece of stainless steel mesh disc.
    Our mesh discs have a large range of the filtration rating, minimum 5μm.
  • Woven wire mesh disc with metal frame/edge/brim

  • A worker is framing the mesh disc on the special machine.
    We can spot welding the mesh discs to stabilize the structure before we add frame on it.
    A stainless steel wire mesh disc with metal frame on the black ground.
    The material of the frame can be stainless steel, aluminum, and mild steel.
  • Woven wire mesh disc with rubber frame/edge/brim/gasket

  • Nine screen gaskets are around a foreign coin.
    We can make screen gasket with very small diameter and required gasket material.
    Six screen gaskets are around a foreign coin.
    For the color of the gasket, it can be white, black and transparent.
  • Multi-layers filter disc

  • A piece of multi-layer mesh disc with metal frame on the black ground.
    For strong and stable structure, we can make mesh discs with multi layers.
    The diameter of the multi-layer mesh disc is measured by a callipers.
    We would be very strict with the required diameter of the mesh disc.
  • Etched filter disc

  • A hand is holding a piece of etched filter plate.
    We can also make etched filter plate, and the hole size is customized.
    A hand is holding a piece of stainless steel etching filter disc.
    For the plate thickness and staggered degree, both of them can be customized.
  • Compressed filter disc

  • There are two compressed filter mesh screen on the black ground.
    Customer need to provide the diameter, density and thickness before we provide the offer.
    One piece of the compressed filter disc on the black ground.
    Our compressed filter screen has stable structure and accurate density.
  • Other filter discs

  • One dish shape filter plate on the black ground.
    Dish shaped filter plates have hollow center, and they can be multi-layer.
    One dish shaped filter with metal frame on the black ground.
    To stabilize the structure of the filter, frame and support mesh layer is necessary.
    A wire mesh filter with hollow center is on the back ground.
    The shape of the wire mesh filter is based on customers' requirements.
    A wire mesh disc has upward salient arc surface.
    For this special filter plate, please provide manufacture drawing or detailed specifications.


  • Materials: The materials of wire mesh filter discs are stainless wire mesh, phosphor copper wire mesh and brass wire mesh.

  • Shape: Boegger wire mesh filter discs have variety of shapes, for instance round, rectangle, oval, crescent and semicircle.

  • The wrapped brim material: Copper coating nickel, aluminum, stainless steel.

  • The layers of the filter: One layer, two layers, three layers and multi-layer.

The width of the frame is being measured by the callipers.
Our standard frame width is about 4mm.
The outer diameter of the mesh disc is being measured by a callipers.
If frame is necessary, please help provide both the outer and inner diameter of the disc.

Boegger wire mesh filters can be customized and have long service life.
This kind of filter can withstand harsh work conditions and high temperature.

A hand is hold several pcs of wire mesh filter discs.
Our mesh discs are usually applied to extruder machine for plastic or rubber recycling.
A hand is holding a pc of wire mesh disc with fine wires.
We select qualified wires to make the excellent filter discs for our customers.

Applications of Filter Discs: Filter discs are mainly used in the absorption, evaporation and filtration process in petroleum, chemical, medicine, metallurgy, machinery, ship and automobiles to delete the mist drop or liquid foam or used as air filter in cars and trucks. Disc diameter; from 5mm to 600mm.

Fineness: From 1mesh to 2800mesh (according to specifications of filtration media).