Boegger, originated from Germany, represents the concept of "pursuing the perfection of quality". We focus on the field of wire mesh production for 21 years, integrating the high-quality producers in the industry, the strict and efficient quality control team and the concept of creating value for customers, so as to provide comfortable and efficient industry solutions, so that every customer in the world can enjoy high-quality products from China.
Since its establishment, Boegger has maintained a rapid growth rate. It has directly established two companies, Boedon Industech Limited and Argger Creative Weave Co., Ltd., and invested in a number of industry ecological chain companies. Boegger has subverted the traditional market in industrial of wire mesh screening and filtration, architectural decoration, tower packing and high temperature dust removal. With the strategic upgrade of the company's brand ecology, it owns well-known brands such as BOEGGER, BOEDON, and ARGGER.
Our main business includes: production and sales of various stainless steel, special alloy and precious metal materials, the design and construction of chemical tower packings and high-temperature gas dust cleaning filters, the design and installation of metal wire mesh products for commercial buildings, and supply high-temperature and corrosion-resistant conveyor belts.
Our main product - metal woven mesh for industrial filtration and screening, such as: stainless steel 304|316|321 series wire mesh, super duplex steel wire mesh, brass mesh, phosphor copper mesh, red copper mesh, blackened shielding mesh, Hastelloy C-276 wire mesh, Inconel 625 wire mesh, Monel wire mesh, Pure nickel 200 wire mesh, Incoloy wire mesh, HAYNES 214 wire mesh, Kanthal Ingot D wire mesh, pure molybdenum wire mesh, sterling silver wire mesh, tungsten wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, tantalum wire cloth and other precious metal and special alloy woven meshes. In addition, perforated screen, etching mesh, expanded screen, conveyor belts, multi-layer stainless steel sintered mesh, powder and fiber sintered inorganic filter membrane; design and construction of chemical tower packings, including structured packing, random packing and corresponding accessories; architectural decorative wire mesh, including: stainless steel rope mesh, stainless steel curtain mesh, metal building facade, stainless steel diamond mesh, stainless steel perforated plate, aluminum perforated plate, aluminum expanded mesh, anodized perforated mesh and stainless steel crimped mesh, etc.
We uphold the core values of "Creating value for partners", and with the corporate spirit of "Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service". Through independent innovation and sincere cooperation, we create value for the industrial filtration and screening industries and the commercial building decoration industries.
About "Creating Value for Partners"
We believe that customers, suppliers, company shareholders, company employees and all units and individuals that have a cooperative relationship with ourselves are our partners, and only through efforts to create value for partners can we reflect our own value and achieve development and success.
About "Honesty, Tolerance, Innovation, Service"
We believe that honesty is the base of all cooperation, tolerance is the prerequisite for solving problems, innovation is a weapon for business development, and service is the foundation for creating value.